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e Sim

eSim Global Numbers

eSim is now here, no more need for physical Sims + higher technology, numbers from over 50 countries are available. Comes on default with either a UK number or with both UK and USA numbers. You can have as many eSims  as you want on any eligible handset + add as many additional numbers as you want on each eSim

You can tell which number your caller is calling 

Free receiving on all numbers additional numbers inclusive

Eligible Handsets

Huawei P40

iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12

Samsung S20 and above

Google Nexus 4 and above


We will simply send a QR code to you to scan into your handset and you are good to go; it's that simple ~ Using Data on the eSim is a freeze.

Join the Future ~ eSim provides its own roaming, no need for local roaming

eSim with UK number - 35,000 Naira per annum

eSim with UK & USA number - 50,000 Naira per annum

Enhance your global reach, give your business an international edge as customers, subscribers can reach you globally for free

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