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Global Travel Sim

Forchebs Global Sim our communications global partner, will be giving away UK sims on this site as they wish to partner with us to create awareness for their global communications. become a member and you just might be the one of the lucky ones.

Enhance your global reach, give your business an international edge as customers, subscribers can reach you on local rates

Their global sim comes with one UK number. the UK number roams free in over 200 countries plus you can add numbers from over 50 countries to this same one sim.

The UK number is SMS, WhatsApp and Data enabled. Fax numbers are also available

These sims are recharged on demand 24/7 by Forchebs Global Sim 

You must use your sim to make a call at least once in six months to prevent the network from cancelling your sim for inactivity.

Global UK Sim is 15,000 Naira or 42 dollars

There is a monthly rental of 1.75 or 1.50 units on each sim depending on the network provider of your sim


Every 5 units is 3,000 Naira or $7

Every 10 units is 5,500 Naira or $14

To view your number dial *11*111#

To check your balance dial *11*187#

To switch profile dial 100 followed by your choice of number

Call Forwarding dial 199

For more details on the global sim or for direct purchase, send a WhatsApp enquiry or call Forchebs Global Sim on +2348098505453, +447482857214, +16468445421


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