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Quick Sale APP


You cannot sell a product nobody knows about neither can you grow a business, church, school nor promote a candidate no one has heard of but you can now with the quick sale app

make quicksales through Whatsapp and Telegram broadcasts, with a click you can reach millions to see your campaign, promote and grow your business.

It is that simple, the app has organized all numbers in broadcast list of different categories and all you do is choose and click and your message is out there

CARSwhen you give your cars to car dealers, they inflate the price making it harder to sell your car fast. Why not sell your car yourself faster using the quick sale app, you can reach millions nationwide instantly

START UPS: use this app to introduce youself and your business, for a token you can create invaluable awareness

POLITICIANS: the world is now so digitalized you can reach way more people digitally than through rallies. quick sale app can reach millions of people instantly, not only will it cost you less, you will get more honest, direct and immediate feedbacks.

As they respond we advise that you create separate broadcast lists or groups for follow up.

E-COMMERCE: at the touch of a botton you would have announced your products and services to so many instantly. retail is all about turnover, low turnover kills a business.

INFLUENCERS: increase your sphere of influence, promote your handles and links to so many instantly

SCHOOLS: you can inform of your school location, theme, Strenghts plus showcase management profile. all this you can do sitting in your office reaching more than flyers can

CHURCHES: invite more people, create greater awareness than flyer distribution can reach for your services, programs and crusades

GROW YOUR BUSINESS: We are constantly refreshing and adding new and easy to identify numbers, grow your endevours through us by reaching out to more and more potential leads everyday