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  1. Be sincere to your potential buyers, always post your best price as this will draw more would be buyers to you. For quick sells post your best price.
  2. Always choose a safe public location to meet with buyers.

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  1. Best to bring your mechanic along for vehicle inspections
  2. Watch out for flood cars by their damp smell
  3. Inspect freshly painted cars more closely as they may be accident vehicles
  4. Never pay in advance
  5. When a vehicle is priced ridiculously lower than its value, its a red flag to be mindful of and verify that it is not a stolen vehicle
  6. You can word off fraudulent sellers by insisting you must snap a picture of them standing next to the car they want to sell to you before making payment; always insist on this especially
  7. Always choose a safe public location to meet with the seller
  8. Verify Nigeria plate numbers here
  9. Get a free VIN Check of any vehicle here